Baltic Floatation Suits have the ability to protect against the first shock of entering cold water. It then traps water inside the suit and the same principle as a wet suit applies with the body heating the trapped water.
All Baltic floatation suits have three important features for persons in rugged marine environments

1. 100% waterproof
2. The same buoyant properties as a standard buoyancy aid.
3. Protection against the first cold shock

Baltic floatation suits are CE marked and tested and approved to EN393 and ISO 15027-1

One of the criteria is that five persons, each wearing a floatation suit, are immersed in water at 10°C for two hours. During that time they must not lose more than 2°C core temperature. The test subjects for Baltic floatation suits lost only 1.1°C
Baltic Amarok Flotation Suit

Baltic Amarok Flotation Suit

Ideal for every day boating, winter fishing, offshore transfer


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