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Crew-Safe are a specialist supplier of Crewsaver and Baltic lifejackets and buoyancy aids for adults and children.

There are several types of life jacket available and the choice of lifejacket is important and depends on your particular circumstances.

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Newton Buoyancy Ratings Explained

Newton Buoyancy Ratings Explained

It is important that you pick the correct buoyancy level to suit your type of activity and experience.

Lifejackets and Buoyancy Aids are tested and rated to specific European Standards and split into CE categories. These are the universal criteria that define each product and the environment they are suitable for. The range is split into four CE categories: 275N, 150N, 100N and 50N

Please take a look at the chart in this link Newton Buoyancy Ratings Explained this should help you decide.

150N/275N Inflatable Life Jackets

150N/275N Inflatable Life Jackets

Inflatable Lifejackets are designed for the yachting and sports/power boating and RIB markets. They are all designed to remain compact until full buoyancy is needed. The buoyancy is provided by activating the CO2 cylinder that inflates air tight chambers contained inside the lifejacket.

The 275N rating lifejackets are designed for use in severe weather conditions and sports such as ocean racing and where heavy clothing is worn. Typically these utilise a 60g CO2 cylinder

The 150N rating lifejackets are the most popular and suit many activities as well as being widely used by instructors and teachers.Typically these utilise a 33g CO2 cylinder. Some manufacturers are now producing lifejackets utilising a 38g cylinder to provide extra buoyancy e.g the Crewfit 190N, however for EN compliance purposes they are still classified as 150N (EN396)

Inflation & Harness Options

For uses where there is a possibility of unwanted automatic inflation.
  • Pull a lanyard
  • CO2 canister is fired - Jacket inflates in approx 5 seconds
  • Can also be inflated orally
Standard Automatic
  • Capsule fires within 5 seconds of entry into water
  • Mechanism pierces canister, inflating Lifejacket in approximately 5 seconds
  • Can also be inflated orally
  • Works on water pressure, when submerged in 10cm of water
  • No accidental inflation
  • Cylinder mounted inside the Lifejacket inflation chamber
  • Can also be inflated orally

With Harness

Lifejackets with deck safety harnesses should be the first choice of sailors who have to spend long periods on deck. They feature heavy weight webbing and stainless steel fittings, including a D ring for securing a safety line to the boat.

Without Harness

This option is often preferred by motorboat users who are not as exposed and do not require attachment to their vessel. Non-harness Lifejackets are lighter in weight and do not have metal fittings or a safety line attachment point.
100N Foam Life Jackets

100N Foam Life Jackets

Foam Lifejackets are permanently buoyant and are ideal for children.

CE Approved foam life jackets are suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers on inshore and coastal waters in moderate conditions.

Permanent buoyancy is provided using soft PVC closed cell foam or polyethylene placed in layers inside a durable outer cover. All outer covers are brightly coloured which, aided by retro-reflective tape, makes them highly visible both in and out of the water. Whistles are attached by elastic to the outer cover in an easily accessible place. While in the water, neck collars provide support to the heaviest part of the body, the head. Crutch straps are provided as standard with all sizes and it is advisable to wear them at all times as they help to ensure the Lifejacket is correctly fitted.

50N Buoyancy Aids

50N Buoyancy Aids

Classified as Buoyancy Aids They are suitable for competent swimmers on inshore and coastal waters and are mainly used for the surface watersports such as dinghy sailing, water skiing, jet skiing and kayaking. There are many different styles all designed to suit different water sports activities with buoyancy ratings from 50N to 80N

Cat & Dog Buoyancy Aids

Cat & Dog Buoyancy Aids

Suitable for cats and dogs

Pet Lifejackets are available in various sizes to fit most breeds. Features soft closed cell foam, built in lifting handle and retro-reflective tape. Adjustable and quick to fit.

Transporting Lifejackets on Aircraft

Transporting Lifejackets on Aircraft

We are occasionally asked if it is OK to take inflatable lifejackets on commercial aircraft

IATA publish Table 2.3A regulating the transport of dangerous goods which states that:
Subject to prior approval from the airline, self-inflating life jackets are permitted if they contain not more than two small cylinders with a non-flammable gas in Division 2.2 plus not more than two spare cartridges per person.

They are permitted as: • Carry-on baggage • Checked baggage • On one's person

Not all airlines follow these rules, so consult with your airline well in advance and also allow additional time for check-in."

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